So your Mac’s got a problem? We’ll fix it.

We are obsessed with Macs and we will take care of all your Mac woes. We are passionate in helping you with your technical needs right from your doorstep to the very end. You won’t even know what was wrong with your Mac in the first place.


  • On-site Upgrades

    To ensure you're on top of all technological advancements, we will breathe new life into your current Mac through premium hardware upgrades. From increasing memory (RAM), installing SSD drives, replacing batteries, to optimising your MacOS, we will ensure your Mac is at the top of its game.

    On-site Visits

    You don't have to leave your house or office just because your Mac is screwed up. Our friendly geeks will come right over in no time. You'll just have to contact us.

    On-site Repair

    If you have a broken Mac, we can help you too. We fix damages from cracked screens, faulty keyboards, bloated batteries, to unbearably slow Mac OSes. Whether it's an iMac, a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro, we got your back.

  • Critical Failure Repair

    Sh*t happens. Your Mac might decide to indulge in a beverage or two, or go into comatose. Whatever the problem, hand it to us and we'll restore your prized Mac to its former glory.

    On-site Maintenance

    We are the solution for creative agencies, production houses, freelancers and studios. We diagnose, repair, replace and upgrade your Macs to ensure they're running at peak efficiency at all times.

    Loan A Mac

    We know it's torture to part with your Mac. While you wait for your baby to be up and running in no time, loan ours!

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If your Mac needs to get its sh*t together, just reach out to us by filling up a simple contact form. We take in requests to fix damaged Macs or conduct comprehensive upgrades.

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